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When presented with the blue pill and red pill, take both

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

One guy said something that stuck with me. He said that enlightenment was supposed to be for monks only, not the average man. I think it’s for neither.

What is enlightenment? It is transcendence of self, transcendence of ego, realisation of unity. It's taking the red pill and waking up from the matrix.

I am a solipsist. I believe I create my own reality. Perception has been proven to be an active process. I believe the confusion arises in the way we conceptualise things. "Internal" & "external" is an illusory distinction, a demarcation that is pragmatic rather than metaphysical, in the same way "mind" & "body" is.

That is what enlightenment means to me - the realisation that I create my reality.

In buddhist philosophy, enlightenment there is no self, only everything.

In my philosopy, there is no everything, only self.

And that is the same revelation to me.

If offered the blue pill or the red pill, the correct answer is to take both. This is a threefold way of living: 1) be conscious of the constructs we live in, 2) play within the conditions of the constructs, & 3) do so with as much fervour and warmth as one can muster.

The average man sleeps in the matrix.

The monk wakes up from the matrix in enlightenment.

The übermensch wakes up from the matrix in enlightenment, but decides to continue to live in the matrix, and decides he will have the time of his life.

It is the mentality of playing a video game. You know it's a fake world, but you love it, and you try your best to win.

It is Sisyphus pushing a rock up a hill, ad infinitum.

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