29 Dec 2018

If I show you an apple and a banana, you would easily be able to tell me which fruit is red and which is yellow. 

But colour is not an intrinsic property of either fruit. Colour is a quality of subjective perception that occurs when certain photoreceptive cells in the eyes are stimulated by electromagnetic radiation.

When these cells are stimulated, they send signals throughout the nervous system to produce the conscious experience of colour.

That means if you remove the subjective perceiver, colour doesn’t really exist.

Extend this argument to literally every sense perception and you’ll see why I think we live in a simulation.

Now we are often thought of as living in a four-dimensional manifold of spacetime. Time, the fourth dimension, is how we perceive the motion of space. Space, the first three dimensions, is how we perceive the physical world.

I will argue that spatio-temporal extension is, in-itself, a product of the mind. This is the simulation our own mind creates. In the current wes...

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September 12, 2018

June 18, 2018

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